That Way you Get Beautiful Hair

The basis of beautiful hair comes from the inside. Our hair is in fact a reflection of our health. Beautiful hair starts with a healthy life. The condition of your scalp and sebaceous glands are also very important.

Hairs are made in your scalp. The cells that do this divide every twelve hours and push themselves out slowly. Once these cells have left the scalp, the cells become hard. The hair consists of dead, hardened cells with a healthy shiny and greasy layer.

hair loss

Hair loss

On average you have about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on your head, depending on your hair type. Every day you lose about 150 hairs and that gives absolutely nothing. Usually all hair loss is replenished. Your hair grows a little more than an inch a month.

In the process, this process is a bit faster than with the other. As mentioned, your hair is a reflection of your overall health. What you eat can therefore have a big influence on the health of your hair. By means of the right nutrition you can ensure that your hair gets shine and vitality again. Proteins are very important for your hair.

If you do not get enough of this, your hair will feel dull and dry. Protein can be found in foods such as fish, meat, eggs and cheese. Foods with iron and vitamin B are also good for your hair. And also vitamins and antioxidants, for example in fruit, are very good for your head.

Care of your hair

In principle it is not necessary to wash your hair every day , but if you want to do this, use a mild shampoo. With a too aggressive shampoo the natural protective layer is affected. For smooth hair you can apply a conditioner to the points after washing. Always rinse your hair with cold water. This makes for a better shine, because cold water closes the scales. After washing you should never rub your hair dry, as this can damage your hair enormously. It is better to dry your hair dry.

Split ends

Regularly going to the hairdresser helps against split ends. Especially with long hair, the points are more often dry and split. This means that the hair cuticles no longer fit well together. The result is a dull appearance. By regularly giving your hair tips you prevent this.

Exercise to Reduce Gastric Gas

Excessive gassing in the stomach is due to flatulence and acidity, and lifestyle and diet are the main culprits for this condition. Gastric gas consists of odorless vapors such as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The unpleasant smell that comes from gas from the bacteria in the colon. There are methods and exercises that you can do to treat the stomach gas and put less pressure on the organs in your stomach.


Performing yoga helps you expel and reabsorb gas by stimulating the peristalsis, which is the muscle responsible for eliminating waste. Yoga also increases blood flow in your digestive organs and helps them work more efficiently. While yoga poses to prevent bloating and relieve excess gas, it is also important to exercise a healthy diet and lifestyle. Avoid doing yoga if you have a hernia, inflammation, diarrhea, sciatica or hyperthyroid condition.

Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming and cycling can all help relieve your body of excess gas in your stomach. Performing these exercises improves blood circulation efficiency and facilitates the transport of oxygen throughout your body. Cardiovascular exercises have been proven to reduce stress in the body. Stress aggravates the digestive tract and increases gas in your system. Not only does cardiovascular exercise relieve symptoms of stress, it increases the number of blood cells, improves mental health, reduces body fat, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart.

Stretching exercises

A daily stretching exercise program can be an important component in warding off the effects of gas in your stomach. Stretching exercises have shown to relieve your body of gas and bloating, diarrhea and improve digestive enzymes. You should never experience pain during stretching, and each piece should be taken for 15 to 30 seconds. Deep breathing while stretching is essential, and making long inhalation through your nose and exhaling through your mouth can help relax your digestive tract and reduce stress.

How do you grow a beard?

Every man will consider leaving a beard at a point in his life. This is because it is hip, because it is nice and warm in the winter, because it is just finished with your girlfriend and you have a rebellious mood, and so on. The reasons differ almost as much as the results. Unfortunately, not every man goes through his good intention and soon the razor blade goes back into the freshly obtained beard hairs. Deadly sin of course, because with the following three tips everyone can grow a beard!

Tip 1: be patient!

You are finally over: you are going to leave your beard! Congratulations, you have already taken the important first step. However, it is important to realize that growing your beard is a long term commitment . Especially if your beard growth is not going to go all the way in all places (see tip 3), you will have to spend a lot of time ahead of you if a real Dan Bilzerian goes through life. How long do you have to wait before you can really go through life with a full beard? Check the average times from day one to year one below.

Day 1: Congratulations! Today you take your first steps towards manhood . Keep in mind: Rome was not built in one day. Patience is the key to a good beard!
Week 1: Welcome to the world of the 5 o’clock shadow . At this stage you do not have to do much. Do not forget to occasionally enjoy your adult face in the making.
Month 1: At the end of the first month, it is time for an interim evaluation. Study your preliminary results well. Where is it going well and what could be better? In case of a disappointing result, it is wise to read tip 2 and 3 as well.
Month 3:Maintenance is very important during the first three months. Long, wild-growing hairs are like a doggie in a perfectly cut lawn. Get rid of it! Also start looking at the shape of the beard that best accentuates your face.
Month 6: If everything goes well, there is already a good beard around your chin. From month 3 to 6 it is only a matter of keeping track. Also make the choice between growing or keeping a certain length. As always, it is important to do what best compliments your face.
Year 1: Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a good bunch of male facial hair. You will notice that women really love men with beards .

Tip 2: trimming for a full beard

It may sound contradictory, but just trimming your facial hair provides a fuller beard. You have to imagine that not every beard hair grows just as quickly. In fact, some hairs will take months – perhaps years – to reach the desired length. It is therefore wise to occasionally control the hairs that speed up. This way you keep everything on the same length and the beard looks much more caring. Leaving a beard is often seen as a sign of laziness. “He was certainly too lazy to shave!” The opposite is the case: a beard requires care and time to fully express itself. So know where you start!

Tip 3: work with what you have

Some men will have to really come to terms with the fact that they will never have a full beard. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a woolly woodcutter’s beard, but this does not necessarily mean the end of the world. Look carefully at your beard growth and pay attention to places that do not want to grow well. If, even after regular trimming, no beard hair comes out, think about alternatives. If your cheeks have little or no beard growth, go for a short goat a la Breaking Bad . Do you have less beard hair on your chin? Then put the focus on your mustache or sideburns. Once you have found your own style, you will be more confident and proud to wear your facial hair. Remember: nothing is too strange and everything is possible !

8 tips to improve your brain!

It is fascinating to see that the brain is malleable (plastic). Simple adjustments in your daily life can already have a major influence on the gray matter in your head and therefore the quality of life. Below you can find 8 interesting brain-specific facts and tips that you can use immediately.

Sleep deprivation

A lack of sleep is not good for you, everyone knows that, even though many people realize that they have a chronic shortage. A 30-minute nap can fortunately neutralize the hormonal effects of too little sleep related to stress and the immune system.

To sit

Sitting is the new smoking, you probably heard that the last year. Too much sitting is associated with various physical problems that you would rather not have. But do you also know that sitting too much also affects your mental health? If you sit for more than 6 hours a day, symptoms of anxiety and depression are more present than if you only sit for 3 hours a day.


Meditation not only gives a feeling of peace and physical relaxation! An 8-week program also has cognitive and psychological benefits. Not too long ago it was established for the first time that meditation can bring about great positive changes in the brain structure. For example, the density of the cerebral cortex, hippocampus and amygdala increased. This is associated with attention, emotional integration, self-awareness, compassion and introspection. And this only with a small 30 practice minutes a day!


As essential precursors of serotonin, L-tryptophan and 5-HTP are widely used to promote the production. Vitamin D3 appears to be essential for the conversion. The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA influence the serotonin dynamics in different ways in the brain. Serotonin appears to be the missing link that connects vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids. So do not forget to sit in the sun regularly and enjoy a good piece of wild fish in the summer.


About 3 million years ago, the brains of our ancestors began to grow tremendously. By the time the Homo sapiens rose, the brain had grown from 350 grams to 1300 grams. How this exactly happened was unclear for a long time, but the “expensive tissue hypothesis” seems logical for this and is based on an exchange between the shrinkage of the digestive system and the growth of the brain. Cooking food seems to have been crucial in this. Cooked food is softer and easier to digest than raw food.


Coffee is a very complex beverage that is perhaps the most widely used nootropic in the world. In addition to caffeine, it contains hundreds of thousands of active substances that you would not be able to isolate and study. The health effects of coffee can not be linked to a few molecules, but the synergetic whole makes coffee so fascinating. Coffee drinkers are also often smokers and this makes it very difficult to examine the effects of coffee on health. More is not always better, so you drink coffee in moderation.


EEG alpha waves are usually linked to creative ability but creativity seems to decrease as you get older. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) from green tea seems to increase both alpha, beta, and theta activity in the brain. Because it also stimulates alpha waves, it could be that drinking green tea stimulates creativity.

Everything about Nails and how to treat them

In our body you find different organisms and bacteria. Normally these organisms and bacteria ensure that your body stays healthy. But when the balance gets disturbed, these bacteria continue to grow until problems start to occur. This can occur even in the nails of your fingers or toes. Then there is a nail fungus or fungal nails!

In this article I’m going to talk specifically about fungi, or fungal nails (officially onychomycosis) and how you can get rid of them quickly!

Causes fungal nails

Almost all disorders in the finger and toenails are caused by onychomycosis. This is the most common nail disease in adults. Far more often people suffer from fungal nails in the toes than in the fingers.

This is because a fungal infection can occur more quickly with the toes. But not only a fungal infection can cause fungal nails.

Research has shown that fungal nails can be caused by the following causes:

Cause # 1: Candida infection

Nails can be caused by a fungal infection called Candida Albicans . This is the name of a fungus that occurs in our body, but does not normally cause problems.

This is normally not a problem. These fungi even have a function that ensures that certain processes in our body, such as digestion, can take place.

However, when the balance between the so-called “good bacteria or fungi” and the “bad bacteria or fungi” has been disturbed, these fungi begin to colonize . A fungal infection can then occur. This is also called candidiasis and this occurs regularly.

Most people sometimes suffer from a fungal infection. This can be the cause of many complaints. A fungal infection on the nails causes the nails to swell and even let go of the toes / fingers. This can be very painful and of course you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible!

Cause # 2: Dermatophytes infection

In addition to a candida infection, a fungal nail can also be caused by a dermatophyte infection. This yeast only lives in your nails, hair and on the skin. When you get an infection in the nails, they become very thick or split and they can eventually let go. This infection is contagious!

You can get it through direct contact with someone else, an animal or an object that has been in contact with this yeast.

Almost always, fungal nails are caused by a candida infection or dermatophyte infection. However, they can also be caused by Pityriasis versicolor or tinea versicolo r, which is caused by another fungus or yeast.

Generally, fungal nails are caused by either a candida infection or a dermatophyte infection. Fortunately, many effective treatments are available for both.

Symptoms of toenails

A fungal infection on the skin can often be clearly seen through a painful, itchy, red swollen area where even pus can come out.
In extreme cases, let the nail separate from the toe or finger and leave a white or yellowish nail bed behind.

A dermatophyte infection can cause the nails to thicken, harden and discolour . Often there is also a rash in the middle of the nail and in extreme cases even blisters. Without treatment, the result is always the same and releases the nail.
Usually a dermatophyte infection occurs on the toes and not so much on the fingers.

Treat lime nails

Diagnostics and treatments of fungal nails are quite effective. First of all, it is important for a doctor to determine whether you suffer from a fungal fungal infection or a dermatophyte infection at all.

This can be done through a laboratory examination (result can take weeks) or when your doctor takes samples and analyzes them through a microscope. Then it can be determined which yeast bacterium is the cause of the fungal nail.

Then anti-fungal ointments are prescribed and they generally work pretty well.
When the fungal nail is quite advanced, oral anti-fungal medications are sometimes used (pills).

In extreme cases, the nail is completely removed to prevent further spread of the fungus.

Natural treatment

In addition to the traditional treatments of the doctor, there are also natural remedies that work well against fungal nails.
A very effective means is tea tree oil . This contains natural components that counteract the fungus. It is so effective that tea tree oil may be characterized as a medication in the future.

Only 1 to 3 teaspoons per day mixed with water twice a day can be sufficient to cure fungal nails within a week. In some people (more severe cases), it may take a little longer for you to see results.


Nails are annoying, painful, troublesome and the cause of much shame. Yet you can do a lot to get rid of the condition. Especially good hygiene and skin treatment is essential to properly treat fungal nails. Do not forget to follow the tips above to avoid fungal nails in the future!

How to build muscle after weight loss

Muscles provide the power we need to carry out many activities of daily life. In addition to their functional capacity, muscles of the body can be provided with a tinted and fit appearance. While building and maintaining muscle mass is important for all individuals, it is especially beneficial for those who lose weight recently, say Curemsnow. Be sure to target resistance training exercises that target major muscle groups for optimum results when it comes to building muscle mass after weight loss.

Incorporate resistance training in your exercise routine. Resistance training can be effective for increasing muscle mass, says the American Exercise Board. For best results, include exercises that target major muscle groups. Try body weight exercises like pushups, pullups, squats and lunges. Stocks that have access to hand weights or Barbells can focus on large muscle groups by incorporating such exercises as breast pressure, erect rows and halter squats. Similarly, resistance training machines, such as those for leg pressure, leg curl and breast flyes, are also suitable as target major muscle groups. An exercise session consists of eight to ten major muscles resistance training exercises will provide a good starting point for those who want to increase muscle size.

Plan sets and repetitions. The American College of Sports Medicine reports that those who want to build mass after weight loss 2-3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions of resistance training exercises should perform for optimal muscle growth. Restrict periods between exercise sets up to 60 seconds or less for optimal results. While individuals who include longer periods of rest between exercise sets will see increases in muscle strength, muscle mass growth can not be as important, ACSM notes.

Scheduled days. The US Exercise Board reports that allowing your muscles to recover from a tough resistance training workout is of crucial importance when there is muscle corrodephy. Purpose for two to three days of resistance training per week to maximize muscle growth. To ensure proper physiological response, allowing at least one day of rest between each session of resistance training. An exercise routine that has resistance training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a great option for those who want to incorporate well-promoting exercises.

Incorporate additional proteins into your diet. Protein is composed of a variety of different types of amino acids that combine to promote muscle growth. The US Exercise Council stipulates that individuals who want to gain muscle mass must digest between 1 and 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. While most stocks should be able to do it through a balanced, healthy diet, some help from supplementary protein may require powder.

Which Vitamins & Minerals Are Healthy

The types of fruit with the highest number of carbohydrates are banana, cherries, mangos and grapes. Bananas and mangoes contain 20 and 38 grams of carbohydrates each. You get 26 and 30 grams of carbohydrates per 200 grams of cherries and grapes. You will encounter few carbohydrates in apricots, mandarins, passion fruit, strawberries and blueberries. In the first three you only find 2, 5 and 1 gram. In 100 grams of strawberries and blueberries are 5 and 6 grams of carbohydrates.

It is no coincidence that there is little difference between fruit with many or few carbohydrates and calories. Carbohydrates are sugars and contain a relatively large amount of energy.

Dietary fibers

Another important ingredient of certain fruits is fiber. Our human body needs fiber for proper bowel function. Fibers also help to keep cholesterol levels low and obtain good blood pressure. In addition, fibers also provide a saturated feeling. And that is also important if you want to avoid eating too much. A full feeling helps to stop eating.

If you are looking for fruit with a lot of dietary fiber, it is best to eat blueberries and raspberries. You get 7 grams of fiber per 100 grams of blueberries or raspberries. Apricots and passion fruit, however, contain no fibers at all. By eating a mandarin or 100 grams of melon you get 1 gram of dietary fiber.


Sodium is also found in fruit. The sodium now is not known to many people. Sodium helps, among other things, to keep our blood pressure stable. But sodium also plays an important role in ensuring that our fluid management is and remains in place.

If you are looking for fruit with a high sodium content, you have to take melon. In 100 grams of melon you will find no less than 10 milligrams of sodium. You get 3 milligrams with 100 grams of strawberries or passion fruit. Most other fruits contain no or only 1 milligram of sodium.


Like sodium, potassium is less known to the general public. Potassium helps with the same things as sodium, so our blood pressure and fluid balance. In addition, potassium is also good for our muscles.

Most potassium is found in cherries. In 200 grams of cherries there is no less than 500 mg. In a banana is 360 mg and in most other fruits is between 150 and 250 milligrams of potassium. Fruits with little potassium are Passion fruits (35 mg), Mandarins (75 mg) and blueberries (80 mg per 100 grams).

Is an apple healthy?

What you may have already noticed is that the apple is nowhere mentioned. This while the apple is probably the most famous and most eaten piece of fruit in the Netherlands. However, an apple is not a bad kind of fruit. In many categories the apple is in the middle. In that respect it is a nice middle way. In terms of vitamin A and especially vitamin C, the apple scores low. There is just a little more vitamin C in an apple compared to the worst-scoring fruits such as passion fruit and grapes. Only eating apples as fruit is therefore not recommended.


We can be short about fat: It is not in fruit. That is a big advantage of fruit. It is also one of the reasons why fruit is seen by many as an important part of a healthy diet.

How To Increase Your Productivity Every Week?

Imagine a life where you can work less and be enough for everyone.

Many of us spend time doing unnecessary things or doing a lack of efficiency when things matter.

Brendon Burchard She shared with the public what was called according to its productivity formula 5X50, which explains how to do more things in less time. We have selected some of the key points that will help you to be more productive.

50 minutes more sleep

There is a definite amount of sleep an individual has to do. Some people are satisfied with 6 hours of sleep, the other sleep 7 to 8 hours.

Door Sleep Foundation, 45% People In USA They said a lack of sleep influenced their daily routine.

Try to sleep 50 minutes more sleep, sleep sooner or later get smarter (to anyone who’s the luxury to do it.)

50-minute work in the morning

There are many studies that show that we are most creative in the morning. This is because the will limits and we should benefit by doing our most important work in the morning.

Rather than returning phone calls and email messages, you need to save your mornings for things you need to do during the day and create a strategy on how to make your work more effective.

50-minute planning

One of the main reasons we do not have time to find something new or to deal with our passions is to rely on our list of posts to do. by Kevin Kruse, a well-known writer who studies the behavior of billionaire entrepreneurs and Olympic athletes, they share the successful people: they plan their priorities.

To assign your work calendar and measure the period of their awareness, you can focus on just one thing that’s very important to you, instead of paoragnizuar.

We take so much more than we create long-term strategies.

50 minute break

When rest during work?

There is a reduction of power we experience after a certain period of time. Some people (the Tipi) They think they can do more things unless we break to rest.

All About Gynecomastia & Swollen Nipples

Not only women can have breasts. Breasts also occur regularly in men, especially during puberty or adolescence. This is often a huge source of shame that can cause all kinds of obstacles in daily life. Breast formation and swollen nipples can also cause nasty pain.

Many men hardly dare to talk about the problem, which of course does not improve the situation. Fortunately, there is always something to do! We are discussing today where the problem actually comes from, and how it can be resolved.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the scientific term for breast formation in men. This occurs in all shapes and sizes, from small bumps of tissue to full-grown breasts. It mainly happens in young people up to 25 years of age, and in men older than 50. Fortunately, it is usually not dangerous – but that does not mean that it can not be very annoying!

The formation of breasts has to do with fluctuations in the hormone levels. These can be caused by external factors such as medication, supplements or steroids. However, men can also suffer from gynecomastia without a clear reason. The reason for this is that the hormone system can also change significantly in different stages of life.

Testosterone and estrogen

Breast formation takes place under the influence of the ‘female’ hormone estrogen . Normally men do not care so much about it, so they do not get breasts. Certainly in puberty, however, that can (temporarily) change. A part of the testosterone in your body is then converted into estrogen. This happens even more with overweight boys, because fat also produces estrogen.

Elderly men can also suffer from estrogen dominance. After all, they make less testosterone, so that estrogen quickly gains the upper hand. Extreme stress has a similar effect in men of all ages. Finally, medicines and supplements can sometimes have an effect on the production of estrogen.

What to do against gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia can have a lot of causes, in other words. To find the solution to the problem, you will usually first have to determine where it comes from. For boys who suffer from breast growth in their adolescence, there is good news: usually it goes automatically. After a period, the breast tissue disappears again.

If you are older, it is unfortunately a bit less straightforward. When using medicines or other hormone-controlling agents, it may be wise to see if there are alternatives. In addition, increasing testosterone reduces male breast, just like losing weight in the case of overweight. If that does not help, the excess breast tissue can be surgically removed.

Difference gynecomastia and swollen nipples

Gynecomastia is certainly not unusual in men. More often ‘swollen’ nipples occur. That is not quite the same as gynecomastia, because no breast tissue is produced around the nipples. The gland system does not develop with swollen nipples, which is what it does in gynecomastia.

Instead, the nipples simply retain more moisture and fat, resulting in a visible expulsion. However, this can also be quite severe! Many men with swollen nipples are ashamed, for example, to go swimming or have sex.

This tells your hair about your health

Are you trying to tell her about your health? Perhaps. Some diseases and medicines affect your hair. But sometimes you just have to take better care of your hair and scalp. What is myth and what is a fact. We put it in a row for you.


If you have dandruff , you may feel embarrassed and also it will also feel ity, but dandruff is definitely not harmful to your health. It is best to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Does not help the shampoo, go to your doctor for advice. If the rose is yellow and greasy, there may be seborrhoeic eczema . This is a scaly skin condition. The skin cells are much faster than usual and dead cells are released into small, dry slices: the flakes.

The best medicine is ketoconazole. This is available in shampoo and as an ointment. The shampoo in a light concentration at the drugstore and pharmacy, in higher concentration and as an ointment only through the doctor. Visit Euro Diabesity for more tips of health and beauty.

Hair loss

You lose about 100 hairs per day. This is normal. If you suddenly lose a lot of hair, then there is no need for something serious to happen. A shock – such as surgery, birth, medication, crash diet, stress or thyroid problem – can cause the hair to remain in the resting phase. After two or three months the hair falls out. It seems then to ‘fall out with bushes at the same time’. Usually it immediately grows again. If not, go to your doctor for advice. Optionally, nutritional supplements are available to support hair growth from the inside.

Spotless baldness

With patchy baldness ( alopecia areata ) your immune system attacks your hair follicles by mistake. This causes sudden hair loss. Most people get one or two bald spots. Sometimes the hair falls out. This type of hair loss is not harmful, but psychologically it is very annoying.

Too much sun changes your hair into a dry and brittle mush. It breaks easily. If you already have thin hair of yourself, then you also risk sunstroke. Hair care products with sunscreen offer some protection. Wearing a headgear is recommended.


In extreme cases, a crash diet can cause hair loss. To stay healthy, her protein and iron need as well as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin A. Low calorie diets often miss these substances and can impede hair growth. Often the hair looks dull and lifeless. With this nutrition you can improve the condition of your hair.


Becoming gray does not always have to do with your age. If you are not yet 40 and you see more than a few gray hairs, this is genetically determined. It does not have to say anything about bad health. However, anemia, thyroid problems, vitamin B12 deficiency and vitiligo may underlie premature graying.

Press, draw, style

Over-pulling the hair, for example, when making a ponytail or braid, can damage the hair roots and cause the hair to break or fall out. Extra pressure on the hair, for example with hair extensions and hairpieces, sometimes causes hair loss.

Too much styling makes your hair weak. Think of blow drying or even brushing too often . It damages the outer layer of your hair. If the core of your hair is exposed, it will become dry and dull. Because there is no question of permanent hair damage, it is best to cut your hair.


Some medicines, such as antidepressants, the contraceptive pill, beta-blockers, NSAIDs and medicines for gout, arthritis and high blood pressure, cause hair loss. If you stop the medication, the hair growth usually comes back. Always ask your doctor about possible side effects of medication.

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