Leaving a beard is completely hot. Trimming a beard is hotter. Because who wants to walk around with a fluffy beard that sticks out in all directions? Trimming is therefore indispensable for the perfect beard. And if you’re tired of your beard at a given moment, you’ll be rid of him in a few minutes! How do you do this without itching, bumps and small bleeds ? Doctor gives tips on beard trimming and shaving.

Beard trimming tips

First, beard growth is of course necessary. Without hair on your cheeks, chin and throat you can trot a beard trimming. In the beginning it probably looks a bit sloppy, but have patience: this is necessary before you can trim it. Then choose from a pair of scissors or beard trimmer. Important: trim your beard when it is dry. Wet hair is often longer, so you do not know what it looks like when it dries up. Trimming and shaving is easiest if your beard hair is soft. You do this for example by taking care of it with a cream or oil, and by keeping your beard clean with shampoo. Better still: with conditioner your beard hair becomes softer.

This is how you get started with scissors:

Use a coarse comb for your beard and cut the hair on the outside of this comb. Work from the outside in: start at the side of your face and then go towards your chin.
A beard trimmer works more accurately than a pair of scissors. You can usually determine how long you want your beard with an attachment. With a beard trimmer you do the following:

Do not immediately set the position that you have in mind; soon it will be too short and you will not be able to return. Therefore, adjust your trimmer to a larger position. Trim first from top to bottom (with the hair) and then from bottom to top. Now set the correct position of your trimmer in the beginning again from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top. Note: remove hairs that are outside your beard line for the best result.

Shaving beard tips

Use shaving cream when shaving your beard. Do you use a hand razor blade? Clean them thoroughly after each stroke, so that your skin does not break through stiff, shaved hairs that stick in the shaver. You can soften your beard hair first with a cream, oil or conditioner. Wet shaving sometimes makes shaving more comfortable.

For a beard shaving the same applies as for trimming: start from top to bottom with the direction of the hair. Then you shave from the bottom up, so that you can remove everything. You first shave along with the hair direction to prevent irritation. You shave against the direction for the smoothest result.

Always use a clean and sharp blade when shaving to prevent skin problems. Wash your skin after shaving and apply a soothing cream to sensitive skin . Read more about skin care for men here .

Facts about your beard

The approximately 7,000 to 15,000 beard hairs of a man grow more than one cm per month up to about fourteen cm per year
Beard hairs grow between 0.30 and 0.50 mm per day
On average, a man shaves about nine hundred hours between fifteen and seventy-five hours. That is 37.5 days
In America, Canada and Europe, 68 percent of men prefer wet shaving