Hemorrhoids are swelling bodies with blood vessels in the rectum that abnormally set up. They deliver irritating itching, pain, burning and blood loss. There are various reasons why they can arise.

Everyone has swelling bodies at the end of the rectum that keep the bowel out well. Due to a combination of predisposition and too high a pressure around the anus, the swelling bodies and their blood vessels may swell too much and start to bulge. Such bulges are called hemorrhoids .



If you drink inadequately, do not eat enough fiber or if you postpone your toilet visit for a long time, you get dry, hard stools. Also little exercise, stress and medication can cause a blockage.

Constipation is a major cause of hemorrhoids, because long and hard pressing increases the pressure in the blood vessels causing them to expand. Once you suffer from a hemorrhoid, it can bleed if the hard stools rub along.


Many women develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after delivery. During pregnancy the uterus grows and presses it on the intestines. As a result, they start to work more slowly, the stool dries and becomes harder. The changing hormone regulation can also cause constipation. Moreover, the pressure in the lower abdomen increases.

During labor, the pressing causes a lot of pressure on the blood vessels in the lower body, causing them to expand.

Other Causes

As you get older, the chances of your hemorrhoids getting increased. In addition, you can be hereditary: in some families they are common. Long-term coughing , sitting and overweight also all increase the pressure on the anus and thus the risk of hemorrhoids.

From examination of Panel Wizard among more than 500 Dutch found that many people do not know how hemorrhoids occur. For example, 21 percent thought that you get hemorrhoids from dirty toilet seats. About 20 percent suspected that they are contagious.

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