Imagine a life where you can work less and be enough for everyone.

Many of us spend time doing unnecessary things or doing a lack of efficiency when things matter.

Brendon Burchard She shared with the public what was called according to its productivity formula 5X50, which explains how to do more things in less time. We have selected some of the key points that will help you to be more productive.

50 minutes more sleep

There is a definite amount of sleep an individual has to do. Some people are satisfied with 6 hours of sleep, the other sleep 7 to 8 hours.

Door Sleep Foundation, 45% People In USA They said a lack of sleep influenced their daily routine.

Try to sleep 50 minutes more sleep, sleep sooner or later get smarter (to anyone who’s the luxury to do it.)

50-minute work in the morning

There are many studies that show that we are most creative in the morning. This is because the will limits and we should benefit by doing our most important work in the morning.

Rather than returning phone calls and email messages, you need to save your mornings for things you need to do during the day and create a strategy on how to make your work more effective.

50-minute planning

One of the main reasons we do not have time to find something new or to deal with our passions is to rely on our list of posts to do. by Kevin Kruse, a well-known writer who studies the behavior of billionaire entrepreneurs and Olympic athletes, they share the successful people: they plan their priorities.

To assign your work calendar and measure the period of their awareness, you can focus on just one thing that’s very important to you, instead of paoragnizuar.

We take so much more than we create long-term strategies.

50 minute break

When rest during work?

There is a reduction of power we experience after a certain period of time. Some people (the Tipi) They think they can do more things unless we break to rest.